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Name:Annie H.
Birthdate:Mar 16
Location:Tucson, Arizona, United States of America
Life Goals: Be cute enough that boys do whatever I want <3

I'm a bigender (boy-girl) young adult. I'm really religious in the sense that I worship gods, believe in spirits, write myths, and am building a religion...and not at all religious in the sense that I don't want to convert people. I just love religious discussions and ideas.

I'm a fan of various books and movies and shows. None of them very seriously since Harry Potter though. Well, there's still a football manga I'm head over heels for, but since the fandom is pretty dead it's not very say fandom, fiction, and religion intersect in my life would be the biggest understatement ever.

I love the cosmic teapot argument because it is both cute and funny and useful.

I adore technology and do not tolerate people who hate it very well. Not only is it a major part of my religious explorations, I just love it in general. The possibilities for virtual reality, robotics, artificial intelligence, etc. all interest me. Just don't mention Less Wrong, cause then I'll rant. I'm into and interested in transhumanism - just take out the gross eugenics because I don't think that has any place anywhere. Following this, or I guess causing this fascination, is my love of sci fi. And fantasy. Sci-fi fantasy blends are the best.

I'm a writer in the sense that I write. I could write forever on why I don't identify as a capital-W Writer. It's not pretty when I do.

I'm small. It means all the rage is condensed. I joke but not really.
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